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Top Three Mistakes Made By Home Sellers

Real estate giant, ActiveRain, asked 1,000 real estate agents to rate the top three mistakes made by home sellers. 77% said, “overpriced home.” 32% said, “cluttered space.” 34% said, “Showing availability.”   The other results include, 21% “unwilling to negotiate,” 20% “won’t make repairs,” and 28% said, “unpleasant odors.”  In other words, according to the […]

Concord Advice Givers Podcast

The Idea That I’ve Thought About For 6 Months Is  Finally Becoming A Reality… As a businessperson and entrepreneur, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t rub shoulders and brains with other fascinating people and entrepreneurs. Many of these people have incredible stories to tell. They are smart, intelligent; some are leaders […]

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Search for Currently Available Listings for Sale (No More Annoying Unavailable Listings)

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View listings direct from the Multiple Listings Service. No more frustrating Under Contract search results. Finally! A real estate search page with CURRENTLY available listings. If you've been using the popular real estate search sites out there (like the one that starts with a "Z", among others), you've probably noticed they keep showing you listings that are actually Under Contract, when at first they appear to be active.

That's because they are not actually in the business of providing consumers with real estate listings. That's just what they want you to think. They are really in the business of getting your email address and selling it to agents as a "lead". That is a significant difference because what it means is they are super efficient at putting brand new listings on their sites but pretty slack in updating the status of those listings when they go Under Contract and are no longer available. That's because consumers don't click on Under Contract listings therefore a "new lead" isn't created.

Well prepare to enjoy an Under Contract free list of homes. My search page is linked directly to the Multiple Listings Service, so when the status of a listing changes, my page shows that change right away. No more false hopes for you. Enjoy!

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